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Orisha Feray Aleman Box (20 Cigars)

Aho-She-NAGO Fire has no match, the first element that Orisha constitutes is fire which captures your soul through this cigar. Fire also acts as a healer by reconstructing your memories in order to connect you with who you are.


Orisha Legba Box(20 Cigars)

Orisha Legba is a cigar designed to pay tribute to the strength that Legba (Haiti) ESHU / ELEGUA (Africa and Latin America) represents. Our blend is a mixture of perfume and taste: chocolate, cedar, a zest of pepper and a strong smell of earth in order to catapult you into your original essence so that your physical, psychic and spiritual energy become a silent ritual where this divinity takes life for 1:45 minutes.


Orisha Pye Kase Box(20 Cigars)

Orisha Pye Kase is the energy of the old Legba, a shorter version of 45 minutes smoke time which serves as the cane of this energy. The blend is the same except that the vèvè of this energy would not be finalized without its cane which is a cosmic point of support between the two worlds.


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